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I want to tell you guys a joke. Okay. Here’s the joke. Ready? Misandry. Haha! Get it? No?

Okay. I’ll explain it. I know that will make it less funny because explaining jokes makes them less funny, but I want you to be in on the joke too. Because in the end it matters to me that you understand this. Because we’re friends, right?

"Why are you making fun of misandry, Gingerhaze? There ARE people who hate men. And no one should be hated based on factors that they have no control over!" Right you are, Straw Man! And yeah, there ARE women who legitimately hate men. There are even probably legitimately women who want to kill men, just for being men. But guess what? That number is so incredibly small as to really not count at all in the grand scheme of things. Any scientific survey taken of that number would not really factor it at all into the final report - in the grand scheme, it’s a fluke. And that’s what we’re talking about here: the grand scheme.

The truth of the matter is that it is INCREDIBLY HARD to live as an honest-to-god misandrist. For a woman to succeed, or even survive, in today’s society, she is expected to be able to relate to, understand, admire, respect, and appeal to, men. And that’s the reason why 99.9% of “misandrists” you will see - especially on the INTERNET for chrissakes - are JOKING. Can’t you take a joke? Men have no sense of humor, do they!

See what I did there? I made a joke at the expense of men. Misandry! Does that affect your life? Not really. Because the joke depends on the fact that, hey, in every other situation that’s what people say about women! That’s right! EVERY OTHER SITUATION. 

Because for me, misogyny affects every single part of my life. All the time. A lot of this I’m just used to, and I just go about my life. I relate to men and I like men and I try to appeal to men in order to succeed, just like everyone else. I’m a pretty chill person. But it gets frustrating. Oh boy, does it. 

So I make jokes. I flip the scenarios where I can and I try to make something out of it that I can laugh at, when really it’s not funny at all. 

MISANDRY ISN’T REAL. That is, there is no social institution in place to enforce it. Are feminists too hard on you? Do you really think feminists are calling the shots in this world? Ha. They’re not, yo. Actually we’re living in a world that’s trying very hard to beat feminists down.

What’s happening when you cry “misandry” is you’re taking a very small slice of the problem and choosing to look only at that. Do you think My Little Pony is misandrist for having so few male characters? See, that’s FUNNY to everyone else, because we’ve been experiencing a wide spectrum of media where women make up only like,15-20% of characters. And now here’s this one thing where males aren’t the dominant voice and suddenly that’s misandry. 

But dudes, you’re not nuts! There really is a social institution in place that negatively affects you! It makes your life harder and it might be making you miserable right now! It’s called…misogyny. Oh sure, it’s not so hard on you as it is on non-male people, but you’re definitely getting a lot of shit here too. It’s the pressure of not having sex often enough, of not being successful enough or strong enough or “man” enough, and it’s a total drag. I feel ya, bros. I really do. But really what’s happening here is you’re suffering the side effects of a culture that hates women. Because you wouldn’t want to be too much like a woman, would you? Women are a bad thing to be, right? 

So don’t make it all about your problems. Help us fight the real problem. Do you hate being lumped in with rapists and wife-beaters and straight-up misogynists? Don’t come crying to me that “not all men are like that.” I KNOW that, man. How about instead you PROVE you’re not like that? How about you make it really really clear you don’t condone those guys and you call them out? 

Do you get the joke now? I hope you do.


Sgt. Hatred’s just really great and everybody should talk about him more.

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Sgt. Hatred Collage I just made, Took about 3 hours to get all the screencaps. Hatred needs more love <3

“Did you just cock your stick?”
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